Posted on Feb 16, 2018

Pagani PR/Getting The Story Right

Client in the News: Check out the following link to NYC WCBS-TV Channel 2's coverage of how Max Anderson, Stepinac High School's athletic trainer, saved the life of a boy during a freshman basketball game. Anderson's quick response in administering CPR when the boy stopped breathing thankfully resulted in a happy outcome. The mother of the boy who was revived by Anderson said it best: "He saved my baby boy. He will forever be our hero."

But, the incident-- in the view of varsity sports journalist, Kevin Devaney, Jr.-- underscored the valuable work "that athletic trainers do. These are people who can literally save lives," he wrote in his Feb. 10 blog ("Does Your School Have an Athletic Trainer? Why Not?") for the New York State Sportswriters Association.

Many schools in New York do not have athletic trainers on their sports staffs, an issue that the Safety Committee of New York State Public High School Athletic Association will be addressing in a May report.

Hopefully, the best practice example of Stepinac will help make athletic trainers at school sports programs standard operating procedures throughout New York State and elsewhere.
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