Posted on Feb 5, 2018

Pagani PR/Getting The Story Right

Traditional public relations— the art of generating positive publicity for companies and organizations—has been severely challenged by increasing competition (growth of companies in the same business sectors and in the number of PR firms pitching similar news angles to the same media outlets) as well as the shrinking media hole resulting from the reduction of editorial staffs and the demise of traditional print newspapers and magazines.

With the decline of opportunities to generate media ‘hits’, business owners may be tempted to reduce their PR budgets and shift the savings to marketing and advertising. But this narrow ROI view could be a short- sighted decision, given the powerful role that PR plays in the ever growing digital marketplace. In fact, a robust PR campaign—in spite of a decrease in the opportunities to score traditional media coverage—is necessary to assure that a business or organization’s uniqueness and mission will remain visible and prominent with influential audiences—potential customers, investors, suppliers, prospective employees and, of course, journalists.

What these key audiences have in common is that if they want to learn about a business, they will Google for information, often with their mobile devices. Their first visit to find what they are looking for will be the website. That is why it is so critically important for a business to prominently showcase on its home page an up-to-date newsroom that houses professionally crafted press releases on

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